Sunday, February 8, 2015

Exeter-Milligan Update: Second Grade Letters

Second Grade News by Marla Weber, Exeter-Milligan 2nd grade teacher

Second graders at Exeter-Milligan Public Schools started a unit on friendly letters as a part of their writing curriculum. In this unit, students learned the different parts of friendly letter and how to address envelopes. To practice this new concept, students have been assigned pen pals, children in Friend Public School’s second grade. This unit helps students hone writing skills, practice the five parts of a friendly letter writing, and become acquainted with another student. The pen pals will exchange letters back and forth for the remainder of the school year, or if they wish, they may continue writing to their new pals. To culminate this unit, the Exeter-Milligan students plan to invite their pen pals to join them for a special day later this spring.

Pictured are the 2nd grade students with their letters:
Back L to R: Ayla Kahler, Aidan Vavra, Michael Bartu, Jayden Capek, and Liberty Johnson
Front L to R: Kierra Papik, Emma Meyer, Joleen Vossler, and Carter Milton

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