Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Christmas Program "Holiday Magic"

Above: The Exeter-Milligan TYKE students performed at the Elementary program this year.  From the left are Rickie Hickman, Brynnlye Johnson, Will Kallhoff, Joel Vossler, Maddux Milton, Gavin Mueller, Mackenzie Jaeger, Braxton Saatmann, Addison Foutch, Deacon Erdkamp, Titus Petersen, Levi Jurgensen, Ensley Stahl and Chezney Kanode.
Below: Showing off their counting skills during their song (left to right) Joel Vossler, Maddux Milton, and Gavin Mueller show that it’s “two silver bells,”

Exeter-Milligan Elementary students entertained their family and friends on Tuesday evening Dec. 9 with singing and musical performances.
This year’s program was entitled “Holiday Magic” and featured  the fifth and sixth graders as the cast.
The evening began with the TYKE preschool presenting their rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “A Star For My Little Tree.”
The first musical performance of the evening was the sixth grade band performing “Hark, The Herald Angles Sing.”  They were then joined by the fifth grade band and together performed “Christmas Cheer” before the fifth grade band performed “Jingle, Jolly Christmas.”
The third and fourth graders performed “Rahther Jolly Olde St. Nicholas” on their recorders.
The Kindergarten, first and second grade class sang five numbers including “I’m a Little Snowflake,” “Must Be Santa,” “Polar Puppy,” “Christ is Coming,” and “Feliz Navidad.”
After the younger classes performed, the third through sixth graders opened the curtain to the musical “Holiday Magic.”  Clint Oldehoeft was Billy (who was Santa in the school play the students were supposed to be rehearsing), Jaiden Papik filled the role of Beverly and Georgia Meyer was Milly, both members of the play that was missing the director.  Daisy Kanode was “Hillary,” the bossy class member who claimed to be running the rehearsal instead of the teacher who was mumbling on the couch in the teacher’s lounge.
Once the bossy Hillary took over the elves in the play rebelled burning their scripts (off stage).  The angels (Rebecca Krupicka and Kiah Songster)chased the elves while the wisemen (Katelyn Babula, Briana Capek, and Cameran Jansky) performed the “Ballad of the Wisemen.”
The reindeer rebelled in the thick of things with Rudolph (Blake Meyer) leading the way.  Comet (Casey Jindra), Donner (Sean Gibson) and Prancer (Cammie Harrison) all followed along with the Reindeer Band boycotting the practice as well.
After every group rebelled Hillary finally realized the magic of Christmas was in giving and restored the good feelings among the cast members.  The full cast ended the evening singing “Christmas Magic” together.

Casey Jindra (left) and Blake Meyer play “Hark, the Herald Angels Sing,” on their clarinets.
Kindergarten, first and second graders sang “Must Be Santa.”  Pictured on the top row from the left are Aidan Vavra and Kierra Papik, bottom row from the left are Jonah Geiger, Brett Kallhoff and Tucker Svec.

Hillary (Daisy Kanode) laments the rehearsal disaster with Beverly (Jaiden Papik).

The reindeer turn their backs in protest while angel Becca Krupicka gets ready to go after the elves again.

Milly (Georgia Meyer), Billy (Clint Oldehoeft) and Beverly (Jaiden Papik) discuss what to do about their program practice since their teacher is missing.

The chorus of Exeter-Milligan third, fourth, fifth and sixth graders.

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