Sunday, June 2, 2013

Exeter Alumni Photos 3 1978 - 2013

Class of 1978 Front row (L-R) Dixie Guthrie Krejci, Pam Koehn Prosser, Lori Bristol Moore. Back row (L-R) Randy Paulus, Greg Yound, Sue Rhodes Kittinger, and  Donnie Manning.

Class of 1993  Front row (L-R) Jeremy Becker, Brian Murphy, Craig Songster.  Back row (L-R) Sherri Due and Allyson Horne.

Class of 2003 hosted the Exeter and Exeter-Milligan alumni.  They were the first Exeter-Milligan graduates.  From left to right are Liz Vnoucek, Anna Manning Beard, Brett Harre, Mindy Weimer and Cara Songster Stoll.

Class of 2008 (L-R) Klaire Jorgensen and Marcus Ruhl.

The Exeter-Milligan Class of 2013 was also invited to the banquet.  They were introduced by class member Taylor Erdkamp who also gave a report of their college plans.  They are pictured from the left Megan Waldron, Megan Zwickl, Blake Papik, Alicia Bigelow and Taylor Erdkamp.

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