Thursday, April 4, 2013

Exeter-Milligan Update: Decorating Eggs


By Elizabeth Rios, Spanish Instructor

In Spanish II, our class participated in decorating eggs as it is done in Mexico. In Mexico, the eggs are also dyed, but then a small hole is cut into the egg and it is then filled with confetti. This all started from the origin of the confetti egg. It is believed that Marco Polo brought back egg shells filled with perfumed powder from China. A new fashion of giving them as gifts grew in his native Italy. It spread to Spain as part of religious celebrations before the Lenten holidays and then in the nineteenth century Carlotta, wife of emperor Maximilian, brought them to Mexico. In Mexico, confetti replaced the perfumed powder.   The eggs are made and broken up for fun any time of the year. In the United States, the eggs are boiled and are then put into a dye. Easter egg hunts are held for children in the weeks before Easter. When Easter Sunday arrives the Easter Bunny comes and hides the eggs for the children to find.

Pictured are:
Front (L-R): Deidre Stevens, Logan Zeleny, Kylie Briske and Brooke Manning
Back (L-R) Alex Benorden, James Sluka, Erica Yound, Blake Papik (partially hidden), Cody Filipi and Brittany Beatham.

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