Friday, March 8, 2013

Fillmore County Development Corporation News

The Annual Meeting of the Fillmore County Development Corporation was held Wednesday February 27th, 2013 at the Geneva Public Library in Geneva, Nebraska.  

Gary Dick, Vice-President of the Fillmore County Development Corporation, presided over the business meeting.  The minutes of the 2012 annual meeting were approved. The FCDC Board of Directors presented the 2013 proposed budget that they had approved at their December meeting to the FCDC membership.  The membership accepted the 2013 budget. 

Shari Michl-Exeter, Amanda Haumont-Geneva, and Ann Jansky-Milligan were elected to serve on the FCDC Board of Directors for a three-year term. 

Gary Dick recognized and thanked members for their support. He also thanked the Directors and committee members for the volunteer time they give to the Fillmore County Development Corporation. 

Patt Lentfer, Executive Director, recognized the FCDC Board members who were in attendance: Gary Dick, Alan Emshoff, Megan Williams, Don Bristol, Don Jividen, Carol Vejraska, Brandy VanDeWalle, Karla Jacobson, and new board members Amanda Haumont and Ann Jansky. 

Lentfer also thanked the Board members and the volunteers for all their volunteer time spent working to keep Fillmore County a great place to call home. Special thanks went to the Public Relations committee who set up the annual meeting.

The speakers for the day were Kelly Christensen, the Associate Dean of Instruction at Central Community College. He is the Hastings Area Director for Dream !t Do !t and Clifton Benes is a Dream !t Do !t Career Dream Team Member who is employed at Molex Inc.  Christensen explained how the program began and the goals of Dream !t Do !t.  Benes talked about his career choice and the steps he took in becoming an engineer and having a very successful job at Molex.
The Dream !t Do !t Initiative was created in recognition of the growing skills shortage across the United States. Dream !t Do !t is reaching out to students parents, educator and businesses to highlight education paths to obtain skills that lead to good paying careers in manufacturing and related businesses.  The initiative was created by the NE Advanced Manufacturing Coalition.

The Fillmore County Development Corporation is a not-for-profit corporation that was formed in 1989 and is governed by a Board of Directors. The mission of the corporation is to enhance the quality of life for Fillmore county citizens by improving the economic health of Fillmore County and strengthening its communities. Membership is open to individuals, businesses, and government entities. 

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