Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Exeter-Milligan Update:Spanish 2

pictured are L-R Front: Meredith Emshoff, Erica Yound, Kylie Briske, Brooke Manning and Logan Zeleny. Back L-R: Cody Filipi, Alex Benorden, Jimmy Sluka, Blake Papik, and Brittney Beatham

Elizabeth Rios' Exeter-Milligan Spanish 2 class has been busy all year. Recently, they celebrated Day of the Dead. These students made special flowers (cempazuchitl) out of tissue paper. Flowers like these are often put on gravestones of loved-ones as decorations. To make these flowers, students cut 10 squares of tissue paper and then folded the papers to make them an inch thick. Students cut the ends of the paper to shape the flower and then added a pipe-cleaner to the middle of the sheets of paper.  After this, the students spread and pulled apart the sheets of paper. This made the papers look like a flower. The spanish 2 class is also learning how to make plans in future tense. The students are practicing the future tense by making posters to indicate what they will be doing in ten years.

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