Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Exeter Aquatic Center Swim Lessons

Exeter Aquatic Center Ashley Miller works one on one with Keila Ricenbaw during a Red Cross Certified Swimming Lesson in Exeter.

Devin Harrison isn’t afraid to make a statement jump off the diving board during his Red Cross Certified swimming lessons at the Exeter Aquatic Center.

Lifeguard Austin Stride works with a group of swimmers from Cordova, Exeter, Milligan and Friend.  From the far left are CeCe Murphy, Tyler Due, Luke Hamilton, Kiera Papik, Shelby Steyer and Keila Ricenbaw.

Red Cross Certified Swimming Lesson Instructor Amanda Dinneen (back left) and Exeter Aquatic Center Lifeguard Meghan Miller work one on one with Troy Kallhoff (front left) and Breckan Schluter (front right),

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