Thursday, May 10, 2012

Exeter-Milligan D.A.R.E. Graduation

The Exeter-Milligan D.A.R.E. graduation class is pictured from row from the left Patrick Murphy, Joey Bartu, Kelsey Bigelow, Kaitlyn Vavra, Janey Erdkamp, and Vicki Androyna. Back row from the left are Alexis Uldrich, Hannah Horne, Travis Gilliam, Seth Maxson Hannah Beethe, Clare Mounce, Kate Mounce and Retired Trooper Wayne Trantham (not pictured are Derek Axline, Tara Mueller and Eric Olsen).

D.A.R.E. graduation was held in the Milligan gym on Friday. Drug abuse resistance education has a goal of teaching young men and women to “make healthy and wise decisions while avoiding and resisiting drugs and violence,” according to their literature.

The sixth grade class received instruction every Friday afternoon from retired Trooper Wayne Trantham during the school day.

All seventeen members of the Exeter-Milligan sixth grade class participated and graduated from the program.  Many parents and family members were present at the ceremony to support and congratulate the students.

Five students were chosen to read their essay about the D.A.R.E. program.  Patrick Murphy, Hannah Beethe, Clare and Kate Mounce all gave their speeches and due to another event their teacher, Mrs. Polak read Tara Mueller’s essay.

Throughout the program the sixth graders demonstrated some of their favorite forms of applause so the fifth graders could try them out before each receiving their individual certificates. Certificates were also given to local businesses who have supported the D.A.R.E. program.

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