Friday, March 2, 2012

Exeter Pack 218 Scouts Crossover

 Webelos II Scouts in Pack 218 are pictured with their parents and the members of the Order of the Arrow who conducted their crossover ceremony.  They are from the left Jacob Noel (Akela), Micah Gill (Nutiket), Katie Babula, John Babula, Johnny Babula, Roger Brandt, Peytan Brandt, Dianne Brandt, Brandon Dyer (Medicine Man) and Brandon Yoder (Guide).

On Sunday, February 19th, Exeter Pack 218 held the crossover ceremony for the  two members of their Webelos II den.
Peytan Brandt and Johnny Babula both achieved the highest rank in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light.
To obtain the arrow of light the scouts must earn activity pins in physical skills, mental skills, technology and outdoor skills.  The scouts must also know the Boy Scout Law and Oath and participate in two Boy Scout activites.
After Cubmaster Leesa Bartu spoke on the meaning of the arrow of light members of the Cornhusker Council Prairie Winds District Order of the Arrow assisted the boys in crossing over to Boy Scouts. 
Participants in the crossover ceremony were the Nutiket, the Guard, (Micah Gill) Kichkinet, the Guide (Brandon Yoder), Medicine Man Meteu (Brandon Dyer), Akela, the Mighty Chief (Jacob Noel) welcomed the Cub Scouts and examined their arrow which records their record in cub scouts. Both were found to be worthy and were welcomed into the tribe of Boy Scouts.

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