Friday, January 20, 2012

Exeter Cub Scouts Prepare for Blue and Gold

Exeter Cub Scouts just have a few meetings before their biggest event of the year, their Blue and Gold Banquet and Pinewood Derby.  They have been busy finishing up their badges, preparing invitations for the event and getting ready to make some decorations to fit their theme of snowflakes

 Exeter Cub Scout Blake Meyer and his mother, Heather Meyer, working on pocket knife safety skills carving some soap.

Dean Bartu, left, helps Braden Capek, right, build a stand for his Pinewood Derby car as the pack prepares for the Blue and Gold Banquet.
 Tiger Cub Marcus Krupicka decorates an invitation to the Exeter Pack 218 Blue and Gold Banquet with the scout symbol and some snowflakes to match this year's wintery theme.

Boy Scout Joey Bartu, left, helps Webelos Scout Johnny Babula mark and assemble a display stand for his pinewood derby car.

Bear Scout Jackson Beethe models the binoculars he carved out of soap.

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