Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exeter Sponsors American Red Cross Blood Drive

Elva McBride of Exeter donates a pint of blood at the American Red Cross Bloodmobile on Friday.

"Our goal was 32 pins so we beat that," a thrilled Doris Hall explained.
The American Red Cross Bloodmobile was in Exeter last Friday and exceeded the goal of 32 pints by 3.  Thirty-seven donors came and just two were not able to give.  There was a first time donor, Piper Niemann, along with a one gallon donor, Adam Erdkamp and a two gallon donor, Larry Cudaback.
"It takes everybody to get this thing going, we have lots of volunteers and good help here," said Hall. Some of the helpers she was referring to were the escorts, Sharon Dyer, Carol Shafer and Kathleen Wilbeck.  Also sitting at the front desk were Erma Adamson and Roma Rhodes.
The United Methodist ladies provided and served a lunch for donors. Those who helped were Evelyn Michl, Cathy Rhodes, Louise Hall, Shirley Taylor, Sylvia Murphy, Janice Miller, LaVonne Guthrie, Roma Rhodes, Frances Becwar, Sandra Horne, and Shari Michl.  Mary Wince furnished the orange juice for the event and those who loaded and unloaded all the equipment were Robert Rhodes, Steve Rhodes, Larry Cudaback, John C. Miller, Adam Erdkamp and Sterling Dyer.
Hall along with Ekeler takes the appointments beforehand in Exeter and Hall coordinates with the American Red Cross throughout the day.  The next bloodmobile will be October 21st in Fairmont.  There have already been commitments made for the October event.  Anyone wanting to schedule an appointment should contact Donna Lefler or Elva McBride.

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