Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lori Ruhl Walford Benefit Saturday - Silent Auction List

Silent Auction and Raffle Items
Lori Ruhl-Walford Benefit

  1. BeautiControl Basket from Vickie Olsen
  2. 20 inch girls bike with helmet from Champion Homes of York
  3. 20 inch boys bike with helmet from Champion Homes of York
  4. Painted Mural by Mary (Erdkamp) Bristol
  5. Husker Package with baseball tickets and d├ęcor from Bob and Pat Becker
  6. Set of 4 tires from Rasmussen Motors, Tire mount from Ekeler Repair.
  7. Pasta Basket from Tabitha Home Care
  8. Fragrance Dispenser with shower gel and lotion from Lois Osentowski
  9. Beach Tote, Towel, gel and lotion from Lois Osentowski
  10. Easter Basket with decorations from Jenny Glenn
  11. Glamour Purse, Red and Black, with multiple hair products and coupons from Static Salon and Spa of York, NE
  12. Basket of shampoos, conditioners and gift cards from Cost Cutters in Walmart of York, NE
  13. Large Easter tote with decorations, dye, toys, games from Fillmore County Hospital staff in Geneva, NE
  14. Small Easter basket with Easter party decoration from Filmore County Hospital staff in Geneva, NE
  15. Small Easter basket with kids treats, games, dye from Fillmore County Hospital Staff in Geneva, NE
  16. Basket of Pedicure supplies from Fillmore County Hospital in Geneva, NE
  17. Glamour purse, white with black dots, jewelery and manicure gift certificate from Fillmore County Hospital Staff in Geneva, NE
  18. 3 Glamour purses, zebra striped with lime green accents, taupe, and red with black, 2 coin purses from Starr Stuhr of Waco
  19. Flower pot with seeds and tools from Aseracare Hospice Agency of York, NE
  20. Ticket to the arch in Kearney with transportation from Tess Moor of Exeter, NE
  21. Bathroom Boutique with multiple towels and bathroom items from Erdkamp Motors of Exeter, NE
  22. $100.00 from Murphy Plumbing and Heating of Exeter, NE
  23. Framed Exeter sign from Jim and Jean McKinnon of Denton, NE
  24. Party Coupon with 2 large pizzas, pop, dozen donuts from Tammy Bell of Casey's in Exeter, NE
  25. IPOD Nano, $15 itunes, earbuds from Faye Neemann, the families of Lori Becker, Angie Hansen, Shellie Olsen and Sherri Due.
  26. Linen Basket, Catholic Alter Society of Exeter, NE
  27. Autographed football by Bo Pelini, 2 autographed posters by Tom Osborne, from Ryan and Kristen Ruhl and family of Hickman, NE
  28. Mary Kay Basket from Roma Rhoades of Exeter, Ne
  29. Stationary and jewelry from Vern and Sue Kittinger of Lincoln, NE
  30. Menards theme basket from Menards in Lincoln, Zach and Justina Becker of Lincoln.
  31. $50 gift certificate to the restaurant of Friend Country Club in Friend, NE
  32. Ruger 1022 Carbine autoloading rifle from Sheena Hall and friend of York, NE
  33. Wooden cutouts for seasonal decorating of front door from Jessica Becker and husband of Lincoln, NE
  34. $50 Mary Kay Certificate from Bob and Patrice Ruhl of Exeter, NE
  35. Outdoor frog decorations, flower pot and soil from Bill and Terri Volkmer of Exeter, NE
  36. 2 baskets with wine and Godiva Chocolates from Darrell and Lynn Rasmussen of York, NE
  37. Basket of wine and goodies from Ben and Joyce Votipka
  38. Basket of Watkin's products from Ben and Joyce Votipka
  39. Basket of BeautiControl Products from Janet Duba
  40. Basket of Laundry Products, soaps, cleaning supplies from Jack and Linda Underwood.
  41. Picture of the Last Supper from Frances Becwar
  42. Capriole” a print from Duane and Mary Hall by Mary's Dad, Don Ruleaux
  43. Lincoln Star's hockey tickets and gear from Anthony Ruhl of Lincoln, NE

More to Come.

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