Thursday, February 10, 2011

Exeter-Milligan School Update - Social Sciences

Mr. Brian Murphy's social sciences classes at
Exeter-Milligan High School are studying a variety of topics
this semester.  As the school year has progressed technology
has continued to be integrated into the classroom.  The use
of the Smart Board and projects and reviews on the computer
give students a variety of learning experiences.  During
most class periods, discussion takes place about current
events and how those events may impact them. 

After learning about ancient civilizations during the first
semester, seventh grade switched over to learning Civics
this semester.  In eighth grade history, the class will be
using computers and other technology to make electronic
newspapers about westward expansion in the U.S.  The class
will cover the Civil War before studying Nebraska History at
the end of the year.  During the second semester in World
Geography, students will learn about countries on other
continents.  An emphasis is placed on locating countries and
cities on a map.  American History will be covering World
War II until present time.  World History is currently
learning about the Industrial Revolution.  During the
remainder of World History time will be spent on World War
I, World War II, the Cold War, and current world issues. 

Pictures is the World History class in front of the Smart
Board. Standing from left to right: Meghan Miller, Jen
Pribyl, Megan Waldron, Ashley Miller,
Blake Papik. Sitting Preston Motis, Alicia Bigelow, Taylor
Elly Korbelik.

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