Sunday, January 23, 2011

Goals Met, Hair Dyed

 Meredith Emshoff, Becca Vossler, MiKayla Ruhl and Amanda Dinneen "prep" Mr. Sheffield for his pink experience.

 Mr. Sheffield shows off his new look to the Kindergarten class and gets a big reaction from Chase Vnoucek.

 FCCLA advisor Mrs. Vossler helps Mr. Sheffield adjust his "ask me why my hair is PINK sign".

Mr. Sheffield poses with all of the Exeter-Milligan members of the FCCLA.

Sticking to his promise, Exeter-Milligan Superintendent Paul Sheffield spent his lunch hour with the FCCLA members dyeing his hair pink.
To raise funds and awareness for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, Sheffield promised to sport the magenta look if the group raised over $400.00 during their recent fundraising efforts.
According to FCCLA advisor Mary Lou Vossler the group raised "$848.00 from our events.  We raised $353 from the Pink Out raffle, $81 during the shot for a pop and $175 with cookie sales."
Adding to the total were the staff members who donate to wear jeans on Fridays and chose to contribute their Denim Days' collection to the pot.
Last year the FCCLA group raised around $400 for their pink event including the cake raffle they held which they had not planned for this year.  Sheffield volunteered to contribute some motivation.  "Besides raising funds I just wanted to get the kids involved.  I wanted to step it up and my sister double-dog dared me.  She shared a clipping of a principal in another state who put in pink hair extensions and challenged me to beat that."
It wasn't clear if students donated more or community members and parents, "There was a concerted effort and they were all in cahoots to see me with pink hair for the rest of the month," commented Sheffield.
During the transformation Sheffield endured many comments from the student body.  Junior Brady Bristol made sure Sheffield knew "I bought like 1,000 cookies to make sure this happened."
Sheffield plans to keep the 'do for the rest of the month as promised and is wearing a sign around his neck that prompts those he encounters to ask him why his hair is pink.

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