Friday, May 21, 2010

Get Ready to Slide Away as the Exeter Aquatic Center is Set to Open May 31st

The new slide is assembled at the Exeter Aquatic Center. Exeter Village summer employee Richard Erdkamp touches up some paint on the slide while a crew from Mid-Plains Electric installs the time and temperature display on the bathhouse and Village Maintenance Supervisor John Mueller uses a power washer to clean the "winter gunk" out of the pool before filling it with water.

After the Memorial Day program in Exeter make plans to head to the Aquatic Center in town to take a turn down the new slide in Exeter.
Two groups of volunteers spent many hours assembling the new slide and it's many pieces. Heavy equipment was also donated by local business Horizontal Boring and Tunneling to help move the very heavy ladder pieces over the pool fence. Their crane truck, and operator Paul Erdkamp helped hold the pieces in place as they were assembled. Nearly all of the Exeter Village Board members were on hand to help with assembly of the stair parts.
On Friday, May 14th, another crew gathered to assemble the flume. John Mueller, Village Maintenance Supervisor, along with Bob Mueller, Jim Mueller, Brian Petro, Keith Mathieson and Alan Michl spent the evening on the project.
The slide was paid for with funds from the additional sales tax that was passed two years ago to pay for the bond for the pool. The monthly amount that the village has collected has greatly surpassed the projected income. Unfortunately, the bond will not allow funds to be paid in advance so the Village Board opted to purchase the slide with these extra funds. Future bond payments will be higher but the current income from the city sales tax will cover most of that cost.
The Village plans to open the Aquatic Center on May 31st and anyone can enter the drawing at local Exeter businesses to take the first slide down the new slide.

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