Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Makenna Morgan leads her team for the tug of war at the Exeter-Milligan Field Day.

Kayla Geiger was having a ball practicing for the potato sack race at the Exeter-Milligan Field Day.

Jack Dinneen clears the high jump at the Exeter-Milligan Field Day.

Perfect weather made for a perfect Field Day for Exeter-Milligan Kindergarten through sixth graders.

Parents and family members watched as the classes raced against each other, running, skipping and relaying. The Kindergarten through second grades enjoyed trying out some of the field events while the third through sixth graders got to choose which activities they would participate in.

The long jump was very popular and the younger set got their first chance to see how far they could go. The high jump and softball throw were a challenge for the older group.

During the afternoon the high school helpers set up an obstacle course for the Kindergarten through second graders cheering them on under hurdles, through hoops, hitting a ball on the ground and a mini potato sack race.

All the students had the option to participate in the potato sack races. But the final event for the younger set was the four way tug of war. The Kindergarten, first and second graders were divided up and placed together on teams on each of the four rope tails. After they pulled awhile, their parents and siblings were invited to join in the pull.

All the teachers, Principal Mari Lyn Poppert and P.E. teacher Darcy White were instrumental in organizing the event.
Throughout the afternoon's activities the winners in each grade level were announced along with their times and distances.

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