Thursday, March 25, 2010

Exeter-Milligan Update

Reading Round-up by Laura Kroll, E-M Literacy Coach

This year Exeter-Milligan Elementary implemented a K-6
reading program that follows a direct instruction approach
and is based on mastery. The term "Direct Instruction"
refers to a rigorously developed, highly scripted method for
teaching that is fast-paced and provides constant
interaction between students and the teacher. A crucial
element in the implementation of DI in most cases is change,
and this has held true for the elementary teachers and
paraprofessionals at EM. Although the implementation of
this program has brought about many changes, it has had a
positive impact on student performance. Remaining the same,
however, is the importance of hard work, dedication and
commitment to students. Dixie Krejci and Rhonda Korbelik
have worked for the Exeter-Milligan School district for
several years. Their skills as paraprofessionals have been
put to good use this year assisting teachers with the
implementation process in the primary grades, which is
especially important. They have been an integral part of
the success of the program, and the teachers at the Exeter
site appreciate all that they do.

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