Thursday, February 4, 2010

Exeter-Milligan School News: Elections

Chuck Norris wins Mock Presidential Election at Exeter-Milligan

Mr. Lewandowski's American Government class at
Exeter-Milligan recently finished a Unit on the Executive
Branch and Elections by holding Mock Presidential Elections.
Throughout this unit students studied the roles of the
Executive Branch, Political Parties, and the Electoral
Process. During typical election years, students would
choose actually candidates but due to the off year, students
developed their own candidates. Students designed a
campaign motto, poster indicating their platform, and a
campaign commercial in attempt to gain support from the
student body. Students utilized the school's new MacBook
Pro laptops and software programs Pages and iMovie to
complete the project.

The project went through both the Primary and General
Elections with the selection of a running mate. In the end,
Chuck Norris and Bo Pelini group from the Republican party
were victorious in the battle for President and
Vice-President winning both the popular vote and electoral
college vote. Members of the winning group were: Jameson
Trauger, Landon Rhodes, Spencer Bures, Andrew Colson, Tanner
Odvody, and Tyler Rainey. Michael Jordan and Will
Ferrell(Independent) group finished second, and the Zach
Galifianakis and John C. Reilly(Democrat) group finished

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