Saturday, January 2, 2010

Really, More Snow? Really?

Drifts on Highway 6 were only cleared in one lane in several spots.

After the foot of snow Exeter received earlier in December the big predictions for snow during the week of Christmas were not exactly welcome. Not only did the snow come but it's pal, the wind joined it. Drifts over four feet tall were found in town and scooping didn't seem to get you anywhere. On Christmas Day, one drift in front of a home in Exeter was scooped for a neighbor's visit, three hours later when the neighbor left, the drift had returned only higher!

Roads were impassable on Christmas Day and by December 27, Highway 6 was cleared most of the way to Fairmont. In several spots drifts were not completely cleared and only one lane was open to traffic, but the majority of the road was clear.

However, many country roads are still impassable. The county has hired several companies in the county with large loaders to help clear the drifts in the country so that the graders can pass. You will find many country roads cleared up to the drifts which can make for a difficult situation especially because the storm started with freezing rain and ice. This bottom layer makes it very difficult to get out of drift if you become stuck.

Please, even as the snow continues, do not forget to be prepared for winter weather. Make sure you have a winter weather kit in your vehicle along with food and water. You live in Nebraska, you never know what the weather will bring!

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