Thursday, September 3, 2009

Timberwolf Volleyball Season Begins

Front row from the left Student Manager Madison Horne, Taylor Slezak, Steph Briske, Caroline Harre and Student Manager Kylie Briske. Second row from the left Student Manager Logan Zeleny, Kelsey Moore, Amanda Dinneen, Heather Pribyl, Claire White, Cassie Harre and Student Manager Brooke Manning. Third row from the left Student Manager Erica Yound, Taylor Erdkamp, Megan Zwickl, Jennifer Pribyl, Jackie Luzum, Head Coach Darcy White

The Exeter-Milligan volleyball season began Thursday evening versus the Longhorns of Shickley in Shickley.


Taylor Erdkamp 5'5 9
Claire White 5'10 10
Jackie Luzum 5'9 9
Cassie Harre 5'3 11
Amanda Dinneen 5'7 11
Megan Zwickl 5'10 9
Jennifer Pribyl 5'8 9
Caroline Harre 5'7 11
Taylor Slezak 5'6 11
Steph Briske 5'7 12
Kelsey Moore 5'5 11
Heather Pribyl 6' 11

Head Coach: Darcy White
Assistant Coach: Laura Kroll
Student Managers: Logan Zeleny, Erica Yound, Brooke Manning, Madison Horne, Kylie Briske

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