Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wondering about the metal pieces in the park?

Have you driven by Gilbert's Park lately and seen the strange metal pieces on the camping pad? Is it a new bridge, someone's stock parts? No, it's parts of the new slide for the pool. After placing an order this summer just recently they delivered the slide. Some of the pieces were too heavy and large for the village to store inside so they decided to store them close to the pool.

When put in place next spring the pieces will spend all winter outside so the elements will not damage the pieces.

There was not a picture available of the actual slide that the village purchased so the slide picture to the right is similar but not exact as to what the village has purchased.

According to Village Chairman, Alan Michl, a crane will have to be used to put many of the large pieces in place because of their weight.

Patrons of the pool this summer will have another wonderful feature to use this summer as the slide is installed. The village continues to need donations to pay for the purchase of the slide. Contact the Village Office for more information.

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