Thursday, September 10, 2009

Village grass and tree pile not a dump

While the Exeter grass and tree dump has at times been a little messy, recently several board members paid a visit to the area because of a rash of illegal dumping.

The grass pile is provided free of charge to residents of Exeter and is for grass and tree branches only. A recent dumping left all kinds of beer cans, children’s toys, mower parts and other trash at the pile. Another pile of grass contains wire mesh wrapped throughout the grass.

Another cause for concern to the Village Board is the frequency of fires at the grass pile. One of the piles of grass was recently set fire by someone and twice this year the fire department was there putting out the fires before they got out of hand.

Chairman of the Village Board Alan Michl, explained that the “once the grass has composted the village puts it into their manure spreader and places it around the sewer lagoon. When people bring their junk out to the pile along with their grass and trees it starts jamming up and breaking the manure spreader.”

The village is not required to provide this spot for community members and so they ask dumpers to be courteous in their use of the grass and tree dump. Please remember to back up all the way to the grass pile and dump your load and not leave it next to the road. Also, this area is for grass and tree branches only, most of the trash services in Exeter will pick up large items with prior notification and the village always hosts the spring cleanup dumpster for other large items.

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