Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Exeter Cub Scouts Pack 218 Enjoy Saltdogs Game

By Eric Olsen

Saturday, August 8th, the Exeter Pack 218 members Eric Olsen, Joey Bartu, Peytan Brandt and Trystan Brandt went to the Saltdogs game in Lincoln at Haymarket Park.

First we lined up and waited to parade around the field with our pack flag. We were in the parade and marched around the field to across from the third base line.

It was Scout Night at the Saltdogs game and we stayed on the field until some other scouts did the flag salute and then the National Anthem was sung. Then we went to our seats.

Homer the Saltdog came to our section and we got an autograph. Then we had some snacks.

The Saltdogs won the game because of a big hitter. The score was tied until the last inning when one of the Saltdogs got home and scored the winning run.

After the Saltdogs won we ran around the bases and went home.

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