Friday, December 15, 2023

Exeter-Milligan Elementary Christmas Concert

Exeter-Milligan elementary students presented their Christmas concert on Monday evening in the Exeter gym.

The sixth grade band opened the concert playing "O Come All Ye Faithful" and "Christmas Treat" , a medley of holiday songs.  All five of the sixth graders participate in band along with all of the fifth graders.

Mr. Mark Perez, the band director, noted that all of the fifth grade band members together have completed a blue belt in their band lessons.  They performed "Jolly Old Saint Nicholas," before joining the sixth graders to present "Christmas Cheer," which included many traditional holiday songs.

After the band members cleared the stage, the kindergarten and first graders sang four pieces including "Mittens and Gloves," "Winter Wiggles," "Under the Tree," and "Snowman Jump."  The students got all of their "Winter Wiggles" out to the delight of the audience.

The second and third graders decorated a large gingerbread house while they sang "Let's Build a GIngerbread House."  After the house and the song were finished the students played the xylophones while they performed "Christmas Bells are Ringing, RInging."  They finished their part of the program by singing "Winter Again."

The final group to perform at the concert was the fourth, fifth and sixth graders.  They sang "Rock the Holly" and "Here comes the Snow," before taking up their Ukuleles to play and sing "Golden Ribbons, SIlver Bows,"

The booster club sponsored a Christmas tea after the concert in the commons area with cookies, punch and coffee served.


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