Tuesday, November 7, 2023

EMF Bobcats Headed to Semi-Final Game

EMF sent a message to North Platte St Pats on the Pats first possession - they made almost no yards due to the Bobcat defense.  They sent North Platte packing and continued putting the screws to the St Pats offense for the rest of the game.
EMF got on the board first with 7:10 left in the first quarter and Breckan Schluter found the end zone for six and for the two point conversion the Bobcats pulled out a tricky reverse play and Draven Payne found crossed the line for the extra two.  With 3:09 left in the first quarter the Pats put up six and two and evened the score.  
The Bobcats hit the air and Tyler Due found Draven Payne for a big gain to scoring position,  Schuter carried it in for six but the extra point didn't fly.  14-8 with 8:20 left in the first half.
St Pats got their offense moving and after the runningback bounced off almost every Bobcat defender they made it to the end zone and kicked the point after making it 14-15.
Before the half ended the Due tossed a pass way downfield to Schluter and he came up with the ball in the end zone with 15 seconds left in the half.  Schluter ran it in for the two point and the score at the half was 22-15
With 9:22 left in the third St Pats scored again and then decided to kick which tied up the score 22-22.  The Bobcats scored again and never let St Pats catch up.  Final score was 44-28 with Schluter finding the end zone each time.  St Pats undefeated season ended.  The Bobcats travel to Crofton on Friday at 6 p.m.


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