Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Exeter-Milligan Update: English Language Arts Update


English Language Arts Update

By Valerie Barnhart, Exeter-Milligan ELA Instructor


In preparing for the ACT test in the spring and summer, sophomores and juniors are reviewing the grammar rules and looking at strategies to analyze the questions.  In the sophomore class, Sophia Gilliam, Jasmine Turrubiates, Hannah Busboom, Jozie Kanode, Morgan White, Olivea Swanson, Daysan Staskal, Gabe Jindra, Chase Vnoucek, and Marcus Krupicka take a break to pose with a “Hammer the Grammer” t-shirt.  Cade Kresak was not pictured. By improving their knowledge of the ACT type of grammar question, the sophomores hope to improve their ACT scores and chances to earn scholarships for college.



The junior class is learning test-taking skills and strategies through “On To College with John Baylor.”  They hope to use the strategies in the program to boost their scores for scholarships and the requirements of colleges.  They are transferring the learning of the grammar rules to their writing practice in English assignments.  The junior group picture includes Braden Capek, Rebecca Krupicka, Cameran Jansky, Madison Luzum, Emma Olsen, and Wesley Ronne (kneeling in front).   Several members of the class were not present at the time of the photograph.  They include Peyton Pribyl, Ben Bartu, Casey Underwood, Kiah Songster, Kole Svec, and Briana Capek.



The speech class students are preparing to present their informative speeches.  The class for this semester includes Tyler Due, Taylor Pribyl, Malorie Staskal, Joshua Meyer, Trenton Vossler, and Dravin Birkes.  

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