Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Exeter-Milligan Update: Spanish


Day of the Dead 

By Lisa Ricenbaw, Exeter-Milligan Spanish Instructor


In addition to learning the Spanish language, Spanish students have culture incorporated into their lessons. Culture is essential when learning a language as it allows the learner to give context to the words they are using.

Students learned about the Huichol Indians and how their culture has made artwork a way of life.  They also learned about how Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico with many activities to remember their deceased loved ones.  Each Spanish I student made a mask with a theme of their choice and presented his/her mask to the class. 


Pictured are:


Front L-R: Rebecca Krupicka, Cameran Jansky, Maddie Luzum, and Kiah Songster 

Back L-R: Peyton Pribyl, Emma Olsen, Casey Underwood, Kole Svec and Wesley Ronne

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