Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Exeter G.F.W.C.Woman's Club Makes Fabric Masks For School

Bonnie Cudaback delivered the masks the Exeter G.F.W.C. Woman’s club made for the Exeter-Milligan school district to Superintendent Paul Sheffield (right).



Exeter-Milligan school is looking to start the school year soon and will do so with all of the students and staff sporting masks.  These custom made masks were produced by the GFWC Exeter Woman’s Club.

Woman’s Club member Bonnie Cudaback had the idea as their a way to help the school, “It was just a service to the school.  I contacted Paul (Sheffield) in June or July and asked if I could make masks because I thought it would be a way of helping them start school.” 

  Several more of her fellow Woman’s Club members joined her.  Some members did the cutting, while others ironed and sewed.

Initially, Cudaback explained, Sheffield requested a thousand masks. The club was able to produce 532 for the district and is now making them for the bus drivers.  They made several different sizes to fit preschool students, kindergarten through third graders along with larger sizes.

The district was thrilled with the donation the Woman’s Club made to the district, “We thank the Exeter Woman's Club for taking the time to make over 500 masks for our students to use.  Our goal is to be proactive to keep our students and communities healthy.  Working with the Women's Club will help us meet this goal plus ties into our theme of Better Together!”

The other members who participated in the project were Agnes Loukota, Reba Toothman, Karen Chapman, Elaine Oldehoeft, Suzanne Johnson, and Peggy Warner.

Members contributed the fabric out of their personal stash and the only expense they had was for elastic which they purchased online.  Some of the masks were made using bread ties for nose pieces which community members donated while some were made using metal nose pieces purchased online.

For Woman’s Club members, this project fit perfectly in with their mission, “dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service.”



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