Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Exeter-Milligan Update: Give Back Day

 Katie Mounce, Valerie Barnhart and Katie Moody paint the E-M sign by the Milligan site school

L-R: Wesley Ronne, Casey Underwood, Peyton Brandt, Braden Capek, Kole Svec, Ben Bartu, Hannah Beethe, Max Zeleny, Spencer Pribyl, Blake Steuben, Johnny Babula, Eric Olsen, Joey Bartu, Kaitlyn Vavra, Kiah Songster, Janey Erdkamp, Briana Capek, Kelsey Bigelow

E-M Wolves Give Back
by Paul Sheffield, Exeter-Milligan Superintendent

Thursday, April 26th was the 1st annual EMWolvesGiveBack day! Students in grades 7-12 as well as the teachers spent the afternoon, giving back to their communities.   Each teacher was assigned a group of students who were then responsible for some daunting community based service projects! 

Some of the areas/projects in Exeter included:
            Prepping the softball field for the upcoming summer season
            Displaying/attaching the outfield signs at the softball field
            Mulching around the Moor Field sign
            Roadside cleanup on Highway 6 (2 miles east and west of Exeter)
            Roadside cleanup on Road 21 (2 miles north and south of Exeter)
            Swimming pool park cleanup

Some of the areas/projects in Milligan included:
            Shingling the ball field concessions shack
            Prepping the baseball field for the upcoming summer season
            Repair Milligan Park fall-safe border
            Paint Welcome to Milligan sign by the school
            General park cleanup

Close to 100 students and teachers participated in the project, amassing over 200 community service hours.  By working together, the group accomplished more in one afternoon than it would take an individual to do in over a month! Plans are already being made for next years’ EMWolvesGiveBack day.

Other information/point to ponder about the day include:
            39 bags (55 gallon sized bags) of trash were collected
            Almost 20 acres of park/play ground was cleaned
            Almost 10 miles of roadside was cleaned

A big thank you goes to the students and teachers at Exeter-Milligan for their hard work, giving back to the communities of Exeter and Milligan.  Action shots and other pictures are available on the school website at or via twitter – just follow #EMWolvesGiveBack.

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