Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Exeter-Milligan Third Grade Classroom

Above– The Exeter-Milligan third graders gathered for a photo together.  On the very top is the third grade teacher Mrs. Laura Steuben.  The top row of students from the left are Jase Luzum, Selah Petersen, Kiley Oldehoeft, Kaydence Haase, Alexis Saatmann, Alivia Luzum and Trevin Ronne.  Middle row of students from the left are Ronnie Babula, Brett Kallhoff, Jonah Geiger, Carver Kanode, Logan Krupicka, Aiyden Franssen, and Alexis Bendig.  Front row from the left are Avery Nichols, Katherine Hale, Ariana Smart and Tucker Svec.
Below – Selah Petersen readies her cards to play a game of bump to learn more about idioms.  She didn’t want to be a bull in a china shop.

Above - Trevin Ronne, left, and Katherine Hale work on a language worksheet.
Below – Ronnie Babula, left, and Ariana Smart, work on a language worksheet.

 Part of the third graders work on language with Miss Roemmich in her classroom.  From the left are Carver Kanode, Roemmich and Jase Luzum.

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