Thursday, February 4, 2016

Exeter-Milligan Third Grade Class

Third graders at Exeter-Milligan are excited about school.  They are pictured from the left:  Kierra Papik, Jolene Vossler, Liberty Johnson, Jaxon Franssen, Aylah Kahler, Carter Milton, Jayden Capek, Aidan Vavra, Emma Meyer and Mikey Bartu.  Behind them are their teacher Miss Casey Pohl, left, and Principal Laura Kroll.

Front row third graders are: Kierra Papik, Jolene Vossler, Aylah Kahler, Emma Meyer, Liberty Johnson and in the back row are Mikey Bartu, Jayden Capek, Carter Milton, Aidan Vavra and Jaxon Franssen.

Carter Milton works on clockwork in the third grade classroom at Exeter-Milligan.
Below – Miss Casey Pohl works on telling time drills with her third grade classroom at Exeter-Milligan.

A bunch of Superheroes in the Exeter-Milligan third grade classroom

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