Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Exeter School Board to Meet Wednesday Evening

ExeterMilligan Public School
Regular Monthly Meeting –Conference Room in Exeter
July 16, 2014 – Following 8:00 PM Student Fees and Parental Involvement Hearings

Bills: Tom Sluka

1. Recognition of Visitors
2. Motion to verify that this meeting of the school board of the ExeterMilligan
Public School was duly advertised and that all
board members were notified as to the time and place of the meeting pursuant to board policy and practice.
3. Consensus Agenda: Items can be requested for singular consideration
Treasurer’s Report
Minutes – June 11, 2014 Regular Meeting
Minutes July 2, 2014 Board Work Session
July Expenditures
4. Curricular report FCCLA National Convention
5. Old Business
A. Building and grounds project update including
B. Preschool
D. Policy updates
2002 Organization of the Board (revision)
2008 Reimbursement and Miscellaneous Expenditures (revision)
3017 Smoking and Tobacco Use (revision)
3027 Disbursements (revision)
3028 Purchasing (credit) Card Program (new)
4023 Internet Searches Regarding Potential Employees (revision)
4057 Employment of Classified Staff (revision)
5001 Compulsory Attendance and Excessive Absenteeism (revision)
5004 Option Enrollment (revision)
5015 Student Records (revision)
5034 Student Discipline (revision)
5045 Safe Pupil Transportation (revision)
5052 Student Cell Phone and other Electronic Devices (revision)
5061 Firearms and Weapons (revision)
5064 Concussion Awareness (revision)
5067 Emergency Exclusion Procedure (new)
6024 Student Discipline (revision)
6. New Business
A. 201415 Budget
B. 201415 Student Handbook
C. 201415 Staff Handbook
D. 2014 Census report
E. Approve Conley Straight as a local substitute
7. Information / Discussion
A. School Open House – Tuesday, August 12th from 5 – 7 PM
B. Storm damage update
C. Next Regular Meeting – August ___ at Milligan at 8:00 PM
8. Adjournment

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