Thursday, October 14, 2010

Exeter Pool Receives Grants for Aquatic Wheelchair and Toddler Slide

Rhonda Stokebrand (left) and Exeter Chairman of the Board Alan Michl hold one of the grant checks that were recently received.
Rhonda Stokebrand has campaigned for the last years for the new Exeter Aquatic Center to have some extra equipment.
The original plan for the aquatic center included both a large slide and a toddler slide, but due to increased construction costs those items were put on hold.
Last year the large slide was added and Stokebrand has continued her campaign for both an aquatic wheelchair and a toddler slide.  She has attended village board meetings, researched toddler slides and wheelchairs presenting options to the village board. Stokebrand served on the pool committee and was the pool manager and swimming lesson instructor for a number of years.
Recently Stokebrand applied for several grants for the two items.  The Mary Tous Foundation donated $1500 to the toddler slide and wheelchair fund and the Fillmore County Foundation donated $400 to the pool committee. Ninety-five dollars in donations for the aquatic wheelchair came from the Fillmore County Hospital Denim Days fund.  Shari Michl, of Exeter is a nurse at the hospital, and applied for the use of some of those funds toward the wheelchair.
Together both projects will require around $8000.00.  Stokebrand hopes to continue to apply for grants along with private donations so that the items can be ordered in time to be placed at the aquatic center for the 2011 pool season.
Anyone wishing to donate can contact Stokebrand or the Village Office at 266-3051.

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