Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Barn Quilt Project

Group Wants Barn Quilts in Fillmore County

A group of volunteers called the Fillmore County Barn Quilt Committee and the Fillmore County Visitors Committee are trying to develop a new tourism attraction in Fillmore County—Barn Quilts.

Barn quilts are usually 8 x 8 pieces of wood painted with a quilt block design. The quilt block is then attached to barns or other large structures. The Barn Quilt project goals are to promote agri-tourism and help preserve rural architecture and local culture by showcasing the legacy of quilts and their artistic patterns on barns and other farm buildings. The plan is to have 16 quilts on barns throughout Fillmore County in the next 18-24 months. As more barn quilts are added a Quilt Trail will be developed.

People who may have a barn or building that could be considered to hold a barn quilt are encouraged to let the committee know. Ideally the barn quilt could be seen from both directions of travel and from a hard surfaced road.

It is estimated that each Barn Quilt will cost between $250-$300. Volunteers will be needed to enlarge and draw the pattern on the wood, paint the block, and mount the quilt block on the barn. Anyone wishing to help with the Barn Quilt project either by donating money or time or who has a barn may contact the Fillmore County Visitors Committee at 1032 G ST, Geneva, Nebraska 68361, phone 759-4910 or email

The first Barn Quilt was painted by Donna Sue Groves in honor of her mother Maxine in Adams County Ohio. Now there are more than 1800 quilts in 24 states.

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