Friday, December 11, 2009

Perennial Changing Meters in Exeter

Exeter residents may have a knock on their door from a Perennial Public Power District employee wanting to shut the power off for a minute. Only a minute.

The power company is upgrading every power meter in Exeter to a digital meter. This will allow Perennial to read the meters from their headquarters in York instead of sending an individual to walk the backyards and alleys. Information taken from their website and printed below lists advantages for us the consumer. The change only takes a minute but looks like it will have quite the impact.

According to their website, "Perennial Public Power District began adding smart meters in 2008, and already has 3,318 members connected with this technology. By Early 2010, all of our members will have smart meters.

These meters cut down on operating costs and help co-ops and ppd's effectively manage outages. For example, a smart meter can tell us when the power is out instead of relying on you to call the outage in, and they can help reroute power around problems. Down the road they might be able to help you manage energy use, showing you what power costs at different times of the day to help you make smart energy choices when using appliances."

Copied with permission from Perennial - for more information on the project go to

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